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Logs into Nebula as the configured user, fetches available videos, and generates an RSS feed. No feed will be generated, if less than feed_cache_time_seconds seconds (set in config.json) have elapsed since last running this script.


The following are needed to run this script:

  • Python, version 3.8 to 3.10: I have tested 3.8.10 and 3.10.0. Older versions might work, but 3.6 is a hard minimum
  • Poetry: Not a hard requirement, I have included a requirements.txt which can be used to install dependencies with pip install -r requirements.txt . I haven't tested this, and the list is auto-generated by poetry, using python 3.10


  • Download or clone the repository.
  • If you are using poetry, run poetry install in the nebula-rss directory.
  • If you are not using poetry, run pip install -r requirements.txt. If that doesn't work, try manually installing the dependencies listed in pyproject.toml
  • Copy config_default.json to config.json


This assume you are inside the folder nebula-rss.

First, configure your username and password in config.json. You should also set your feed url and possibly adjust the path to the output file which will be generated. Run poetry run python to generate your feed. Alternatively, run chmod +x ./ to mark it as executable and then run poetry run ./ If you a not using poetry, run python directly, or mark as executable and run ./

You will likely want to run the script regularly, to update the feed. I'm using the following crontab * 0 * * * cd $HOME/nebula-rss; $HOME/.local/bin/poetry run ./, so that it runs once an hour.

I have not tested this on windows, but it should work without issues.


This is an extremely hacky solution and uses the internal API. Naturally, this may break at any time.